Ripe Mom

I went back to to see if my new idea for a blog/website was available. Turns out is taken also.My idea was that it would be a blog where I would interview awesome women who were creative in the arts or in business or something like that – who were playing FULL OUT and whom also happened to be moms. Women who were able to really still BE themselves, in the midst of changing diapers or scrubbing toilets, while packing lunches, calendaring multiple conflicting events, bandaging skinned knees, attending school events, picking up the dry cleaning…you know the routine – the million little pieces of minutiae that seem to gobble up time that like that poor little chicken who was beheaded but stayed alive and runs around eating feed off the floor with no head (you can google it if you’re interested). Anyway – WOWZA….my idea of ripe mom and that of the actual owner of the URL are a wee bit different, let’s just say. I wouldn’t recommend checking it out (like I so innocently did) unless you want to end up with cookies all over your computer and likely a stream of future hot sex websites popping up. (what if the cookies were actually chocolate chip that showed up on your computer in a fit of their own surprise!!?)
I like that in some ways, I am still very naive. Even in the face of having seen what I have seen and done what I have done in my short little run with life. But that’s another story for another time.
So, I am back to the drawing board. Thinking that somehow if I change the name of my blog, you will actually read it. It’s like organizing my desk for the hundredth time thinking that will make me write. Like imaging if only I had more time I would actually be the writer I used to consider myself to be. It’s all hogwash I suppose – this idea that some other thing outside of myself will make me more of who I think I really am.
I am a writer.
And a mom.
And a business woman.
Not necessarily in that order, but true nonetheless.
If you are a writer or an artist or weaver of some kind of cool and even obscure dream that is not being fully realized, I’d be honored if you would share some of your wares with me. I am a junkie for inspiration. I love to be moved.

1 thought on “Ripe Mom

  1. It took me three of four different times to read Ripe Mom, but I did it and loved it! In between meetings about computers, catching up on the day's emails, receiving and returning calls, driving from or to one building or another, picking up dinner, checking on homework assignments and forgetting to pay the bills; this was the little gift I gave myself today. Thanks D!


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