Chasing Happy

I was so bummed to find out that is taken and that when I put it in my web browser I come up with a very smart and articulate and funny blog now called “good enough to read”. Definitely worth the stumble, but still the having showed up a day late and a dollar short, smarts like a missed interview for a dream job. I can never spell “definitely” correctly the first or second time.
I thought about “” but it seems just a tad bit too controversial for this girl. I’m already known (at least to myself) for shooting from the hip so to speak when I talk…a sort of unedited blah blah blahing that runs out of my mouth before anyone has had time to drop and roll or at least take cover.
My friend Kerry Duff of, CEO of The House ( is encouraging me to shut up and start writing. She doesn’t talk like that, of course. She just makes me dark chocolate covered peanut clusters in cutesie cupcake papers and hands me a metaphorical pen (polka-dotted bow and all). She does this all of course with 4 kids, a real estate career, a talent for taking photos and likely a place on the PTA and every other possible board out there that makes A+ parenting seem like a part time gig. WTF? I’m here picking up poo off my 7 year olds bedroom floor – left a wee bit too liquid from a puppy I mismanaged to import off the streets of Mexico….during the holidays and only 2 weeks after a major move from LA to San Francisco meant to “simplify my life”. All of this makes me NEED chocolate covered peanut clusters and friends who make my projects seem small enough to actually complete. Thanks Mrs. Duff!!!
Since it is indeed already January 2nd, I suppose it is time for a new year’s resolution or two.
So here goes:
1. to give up dieting
2. to do things I love, often
3. to wake up happy

I’d throw out a couple more but I want to win this year so that’s it. Recap: I’m gonna nourish myself, enjoy life, and laugh. All funny people, please drop me a line.

Happy 2012.

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