Sunday Morning

I want Sunday to start with a little “s”, as if that way, I could trick the following day into not noticing it’s turn in line. When did I begin to worry about tomorrow? When did I buy into Monday being a poor broker of time, the bastard child of an incomplete two-night stand, some sort of uptight nanny? I digress. Remembering to center around the self, rather than run headlong into the tragedy of self-centeredness, I find myself ever talking a big game and slipping behind smoke and mirrors with an “I know I’m gonna get caught” grin and a craving for a cookie. Or 12.
Sometimes I think it would be better to think before I speak, but mostly I am either exhaling the impetus in my chest or putting it on lockdown, ears burning – metaphorical fuming galore. Once in a while, there is a memory….of not being willing to suffer….a calmness, that reminds me no thing matters but this, now, and breathing.
I’m either pulling a Ghandi or stirring up sh*t. Balanced between the two is the little me that’s at last unaware of my size. I betray her though, in writing….desperate to give longing a voice…melancholy a microphone…….desire a dance partner.
Three hours into Sunday – sunday – sun day….here in Santa Monica in a canopy of fog…thinking about church and GOoD, how capitalization ruins everything, space.
If I’ve told one person about the insatiable whole of being, i’ve told a thousand. Trans-versing back and forth between Me and me and I and i and obviously, not yet having had a moment free.
Then there is you. YOU. How the silence between us is enough. How your quiet soothes me.
I never wanted to be in love. I wanted to be filled.
Who would’ve thought it was the emptying that mattered?

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