dim sum and pot-bellied day dreamers

christmas woke me up round. dusted off my lashes and poured me a cup of joe as strong as a woman. i snuggled into wrapping paper, ribbons and bows. only , there really are no ribbons or bows at my house. lots of tape. and extra folds in the edges. no clean lines here – a rumpled pile of a gift. a present.
having given back sugar, these days of holy divining are so less sweet.that is not a metaphor for anything i say. simple isms. stevia. rice.
brother cooked eggs and bacon and bread. reminds me of a heart attack. i am drinking water like it is wine, and still legal. inside my own little courthouse.
did i mention love? tumbling from the branches of our crooked little tree – busting a toe in the newest stocking and onto the floor with a crash! his eyes are the richest brown. the insides of dark chocolate. espresso micro suede umph. we made 2 more – because of those eyes – and now there are 6. crazy saucers of radical delight. heavenly tortes.
yesterday J said “wait! i am pulling buddha out of my pants” so I had to idle before backing out the car. I am sure you understand……… he is 4………so…….. of course he is pulling buddha out of his pants! sheesh.
when i think about 20 years ago i am filled with great joy and also a slipping. wooosh.
and what will tomorrow bring. poetry? peonies? poverty? promises? plethora? polyoople lop?
i am hoping everyone has little slice today – and yesterday and now and next week and tomorrow and in an hour and backwards and upside down and inside out and even in the places where there is no light i am hoping there is an eensy weensy teeny weeny lil‘ slice-o-love.

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