i don’t know how they fall. bolts of energy bouncing on the bed, sneaking in and out of the bedroom to spy their election-induced elders, giggling. thinking that to sleep naked is the funniest thing ever. then – poof. fast asleep. upside down on the bed here – sideways and pillowless there. there is so much raw abandon in the sleeping i think there must be a tranquilizer involved – shot from buzz lightyear’s button-stuck, battery-dry plastic arm. making him worth his price in gold. finally. but it’s just a switch. the awake in them is bored or something – it jumps ship without warning, hails a taxi, flies the physical coop. and then there is just this heap of lovely boy on one bed and pile of vacant potatoes on the other. no one sleeps like they sleep. so thickly.
i read a somewhat racey, very funny, and equally intelligent blog today which made me think how is it that i have arrived at a place in my life where i am more likely to get an invitation to a recipe swap than a jam session? does the “taskiness” of motherhood have to creep into every crevice of every moment of every hour? again, you may find me ungrateful. i am not. i thank the high holy roller every day for the gifts i continue to receive as a parent- for instance, the black eye my four year old gave me this morning with his power ranger toothbrush and the inside out full-skid faced skivies left on the bathroom floor following bath time. thank you god. thank you.
seriously though, is it too much to ask for a little room for some rhythm and blues between the patty cake twinkle stars? i was almost unnaturally excited to bump into the mom of one of my boys’ friends, who happened to have made a few very hip necklaces today…YES! i was thinking…art IS indeed happening between spin cycles and chaperoned dumps. we really are so much more than just what we are doing. there is Being here. creativity. light. you may have noticed that i didn’t drop any
F-bombs in the blog today – i am trying very hard not to use profanity. i was informed as of late, in response to a previous post that, “yes, god does indeed care” if i swear. rats.
Whoa! bet that just about knocked you outta yer socks!

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